Apocalypse now for music education in Wales and England?

Music education in many places in Wales is in a dreadful state, and the situation doesn't seem likely to improve any time soon. The Welsh Assembly Government's long-awaited music education review was published six months ago now, and yet very little's happened since.You can read more about this in my article (Music education in Wales … Continue reading Apocalypse now for music education in Wales and England?


Henley Music Ed Review – ten days to go

This is what seems to be going on online. I'd say a great place for people to start if they want to formulate a strong message is the Music  Manifesto original reports. Forum debates Teaching music website forum debate - http://www.teachingmusic.org.uk/forum Jonathan Savage's website - http://jsavage.org.uk/?p=977 Musical Futures - http://musicalfutures.posterous.com/henley-music-education-review-its-not-just-ab Organisations' early responses National Association … Continue reading Henley Music Ed Review – ten days to go

Inspirational teachers needed …

My daughter's first experience of music lessons in school could so easily have been her last. She was excited that she would be learning drumming - and so was I. All those creative possibilities: developing a love of rhythm, getting a feel for that primal effect it has, learning how rhythm changes our feelings, our … Continue reading Inspirational teachers needed …