Biz-Music_websized_200wA blog post that advocates music education from the perspective of business leaders. The author interviewed CEOs and business leaders about the correlation between music education and success. I shared this some time ago, but thought it would be timely to repost, as various campaigns for music and arts education pick up steam in the UK.

Business Musician's Blog

by Craig M. Cortello

(The following article is an excerpt from Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music, printed with permission from the author. The book is a compilation of 32 profiles of CEOs and business professionals who played music as a child or adolescent and view that experience as a defining one in preparing them for success in their business endeavors.)

These are alarming times for the plight of music education funding. Economic downturns are an immediate sign of crisis for those programs that have perennially been at or near the education budgetary chopping block. Non-profit organizations that try to fill that resource gap often rely on the benevolence of those impacted by an ailing economy. Perhaps a new understanding of the transcendent lessons of a music education can lead to a reshuffling of education priorities.

Consider a conversation that I had a couple…

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