I’ve been tweeting links to various pieces of information and evidence about the value of music making and music learning. A few people have already used them to make their case to the people they need to influence.  Here are just a few of the more recent ones, along with some ‘advocacy tips’ tweets:


Making music in a group has massive benefits for young people: here’s research that explores it further http://tinyurl.com/bvhsjrs
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How music benefits the brain http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/246675.php
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“Why Music?” Blog: Arts Involvement Narrows Student Achievement Gap http://ow.ly/c9aJW
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Attending a pupil referral unit turned Plan B’s life around. Now he wants to do the same for troubled young people http://bit.ly/Mp7RAd
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Music teaches skills that business leaders need: 32 CEOs interviewed for their music education stories http://tinyurl.com/7xy4xr7
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Why music? http://fb.me/15N1CNrbG
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Everybody’s musical – not surprising, research shows you don’t need to be ‘a musician’ to be highly musical http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18034617

Protect your brain – be a musician! http://abcn.ws/protectyourbra …
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Power of music to delay memory decline, Alzheimers  … big benefits comp to other leisure pursuits http://tmblr.co/ZXUlQvQ43Xbw
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Music for health and wellbeing – great collection of videos and thoughtful comments from @rhchhutch http://post.ly/80k4G  @anitanee


#MusicEd teachers, Do U talk 2 former students about impact on life/career and share? In #sales, nothing stronger than client testimonials.
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Hope this is helpful to music teachers who’ve recently followed- 7 tips for advocating what music means for your school http://tinyurl.com/7x4yrnw

Let’s be clear, without the arts too, it’s just not education. http://vimeo.com/m/44533093
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How can you support schools music services? Find them, follow them, talk about them, use them (lessons, instruments, ensembles – YP &adults)
Find our more about music services here and find your local one here :http://www.thefms.org/  @Fed_Music